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Belle was 16 and experienced crippling anxieties facing young women. Together with Peter her dad, she developed a mindset that she was strong enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough to deal with what life dealt her. The 'You are enough' mindset got simplified to 'your a nuff'. And the nuff mantra was key to Belle's recovery.  Starting with baby steps like getting up in the morning, and bigger steps like committing to excel at school. She decided to spread the message by starting a nuff clothing business and making it part of a high school project. She started with simple T-shirts with the nuff message to mothers on the northern beaches of Sydney. And it's now grown to a dozen items in three countries. Our mission is to remind people that 'you are a nuff' and to promote conversations between people about healthy self-esteem. Please support the nuff message by purchasing a nuff product for yourself, or for someone you know who may need to be reminded that they are a nuff. 







Email: youranuffclothing@gmail.com



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Mail: PO Box 347 Manly NSW 2095 Australia